Medical English Seminar “Improving doctor-patient communication, writing and presentation skills” (2019/10/27)

日本医学英語教育学会主催 医学英語セミナー

Improving doctor-patient communication, writing and presentation skills



日時:2019年10月27日(日) 10:30〜15:30


Poster (PDF)


1 Doctor-Patient Communication Skills


In this 60-min interactive seminar, participants will learn and practice doctor-patient communication skills. After the speaker introduce useful English expressions for history taking, he will cover patient-friendly communication skills for breaking bad news to patients and for responding to challenging questions from patients.


2 How to write an effective academic introduction

[講師]Timothy P. Williams (日本大学医学部)

  • The aim of the introduction
  • The differences and similarities between academic papers and academic essays
  • What to include in the introduction, and what to leave out
  • The structural elements that make up an effective introduction
  • The function of these structural elements and why they are necessary
  • How to use the introduction to frame your thesis/hypothesis
  • How to write a thesis statement
  • How to engage your reader

3 医学英文の代表的スタイルガイド『AMA Manual of Style』の活用法
Guide to AMA Manual of Style


世界に通用する英語文書を作成するには、世界共通のルールで英文を書く必要があります。その際に医学分野で欠かせないのが『AMA Manual of Style』というスタイルガイドです。本セッションでは『AMA Manual of Style』の概要、特長、書籍版とオンライン版の違い、ホームページ、改訂情報等をご紹介します。『AMA Manual of Style』を使うメリットと効果的な活用法を知り、同書を最大限に活用して、世界共通のルールに則った医学英文を書きましょう!

The AMA Manual of Style is one of the must-have reference books for medical English writing. This session is an introduction to using the AMA Manual of Style. Topics to be covered include the structure, key features, online version, website, and updates of the manual. Explore the benefits of using the AMA Manual of Style, and learn how to use it effectively to improve the quality of medical documents in English.

4 印象的な学会発表のためのコツ
Tips for successful academic presentations



It is no doubt that the most important point in a presentation for academic meetings is the scientific content. Nevertheless, if the presentation is not well prepared or the PowerPoint slides are not well organized, the audience might not be impressed with the talk.  Some speakers offer a great deal of information in their talks, but the listening audience can only take in a limited amount of information from each slide in a brief time. The figures and tables should not be the same as the published version, and presenters should make original ones for their presentations. Large fonts should be used and the number of words per slide should be restricted.  Color coordination is also important, and this point is mentioned in many published articles. However, the importance of brightness of text is not always well documented. This point is stressed in this presentation with examples to clarify its importance. On a last note, the presenter awareness of presentation time limitations will be emphasized.